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The Mind
by Yogeshwar Muni posted 01/2018

Kripalu in Blue
Photo posted 10/2015

The Nectar of Inspiration 1981
by Swami Kripalvananda 04/2013

The Road to Liberation 
by Yogeshwar Muni

Asana and Mudra
b y Swami Kripalvananda 2018 English Edition

Slide Show: The Eternal Way of Truth
by Yogeshwar edited by Namrata 04/2013

Lifting the Veil  
by Yogeshwar Muni

Revealing the Secret  
by Swami Kripalvananda revised 12/2010


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Brahmeshvara Temple
Dry Brush and Difference Cloud images
photos by Karuna
Kayavarohana, Gujarat
India 2003

Temple Variations 2003
Power Point by Karuna (in progress)


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